Practice Management Services


We provide comprehensive radiology services for individual radiologist and radiology groups which include billing/collections as well as practice management solutions. At CRS radiology billing, including coding, claims filing, and account follow-up, will be done by a staff with over 20 years of Radiology billing experience individually.
As physicians you face many external pressures in healthcare, which includes decreasing reimbursement, increased regulations/compliance, and rising costs to mention a few. As a result we would like for you to focus your attention on practicing medicine in the field of radiology and let CRS assume the daily responsibilities of maintaining your business operations while providing you with continuous feedback and oversight.

Billing Service Includes:
    • CPT and ICD-9 Coding from Authenticated Reports 
    • Data Entry of Charges and Demographics 
    • Hospital HIS integration for Demographic Information 
    • Electronic Claims Submission 
    • CMS 1500 Submission (if ECS not available) 
    • Electronic Remittance Advice 
    • Claims Follow-Up for Delinquent and Denied Claims 
    • Personalized Patient Statements 
    • Payment Posting and Balancing 
    • Fee Schedule Analysis 
    • Lockbox Arrangements 
    • Compliance Plan 
    • Customer Service 
    • Many different useful practice management reports 
    • Regularly scheduled Face to face meetings

Billing Fees:

Our monthly fee will be based on a percentage of your net collections. We take several factors into consideration when working with you on a set fee arrangement, some of these include:

    • Number of radiologists we will be billing for 
    • Number of different locations we will bill for 
    • Number of procedures (CPT codes) per year 
    • Percentage of global vs. professional billing 
    • Payer mix 
    • Insurance Contracts 
    • Who will be responsible for postage of CMS 1500 Forms 
    • How source documents are sent to CRS from each location of service 
    • Who pays for the cost of source document interfaces/integrations 
    • Length of billing agreement

What to expect:

    • Creating and fostering relationships with key personnel 
    • Interviewing, selecting, and training billing personnel 
    • Information gathering:
                                Practice name and all physical location addresses (Hospital and Imaging Centers) 
                                Federal Tax Identification Number (FTIN) 
                                Names of all Radiologists and their different provider numbers for all carriers 
                                Current Fee Schedule 
                                Participating insurance companies and corresponding fee schedules 
                                List of all referring doctors, their UPIN and NPI numbers 
                                Banking Information for Electronic Payments/Remittances 
                                Outside Collection Agency Information 
    • Completing required applications for electronic claim submission and electronic remittance advices (when applicable)

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